Will County Jury Commission Contact Information

Will County Jury Commission 
Office Hours Monday—Friday (excluding Court Holidays)
8:30 AM — 4:30 PM

Telephone Number: 815.727.8612


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Trial by Jury is a keystone of our system of justice.  Jury service is therefore, both an opportunity and an obligation of every American citizen.

Jury Room

I-Juror is the software used to select Jurors for matters at the Will County Courthouse.  Will County jurors are randomly selected from a number of sources including but not limited to voter registration records, driver's licenses and state issued ID cards.  Once potential jurors complete a questionaire, they are placed into a pool whereby individuals are randomly selected (by computer) to show up for a given period of time to satisfy their jury service.

It is the goal of the 12th Judicial Circuit to select juries that reflect a cross-section of the County demographically, economically, racially and geographically. 

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Hardship Excuse:  You must notify the Jury Commission immediately upon receipt of your summons if the Petit Jury term for which you are summoned will result in an undue or extreme inconvenience. You may request a temporary excuse because of grave illness in your family or a similar serious problem.

Length of Service: Jurors who are summoned for jury service in Will County are required to serve for one week or the length of a trial that they are selected for, whichever is longer. Will County utilizes an automated telephone system whereby summoned Jurors are required to call in to determine if they are to be present on their designated reporting date and time. Instructions for using the system are printed on the summons.

Jurors selection: Jurors are selected at random from the active drivers license, registered voters cards, identification or disabled persons ID cardholders residing in Will County.

Juror Compensation: Jurors are currently compensated at a rate of $10 per day and .30 per mile round trip between their residence and the Will County Courthouse.  (Mileage is determinted via GPS)

Parking: Juror receive parking instructions with their summons.

Misc:  Due to security regulations, please be advised that Jurors must pass through a magnetometer.

Normal operating hours at the Will County Courthouse are 8:30—4:30 Monday—Friday. The court house may only be entered through the Northeast and Southeast only. Items that may not be brought into the courthouse include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Weapons (or any item that may be used as a weapon in the opinion of Court Security Officers)
  • Recording devices
  • Cameras (without the permission of the Chief Judge)
  • Scissors
  • Pepper sprays or Mace
  • Food or beverages