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If you received the Juror Qualification Questionnaire in the mail, it is a questionnaire, not a summons for jury service. Your name has been drawn from a combined list of drivers/voters/identification card and Illinois disabled person ID cardholders of Will County.  You are being considered for jury service in the Will County Circuit Court.  This is a way of obtaining (for office/courthouse use only) some information about you from which we can objectively determine whether you are qualified to serve as a juror pursuant to state law.  If we find you qualified, you MAY be summoned at a later date.  Jurors will receive mileage and a per diem for each day of service.

If you are unable to fill out this form, someone else may do it for you provided that person indicates in remarks why it was necessary for him or her to do so instead of you. Do NOT attach anything to this form. Please write your comments in the "Remarks" section or enclose a separate unattached document. Do not ask to be excused by telephone.

If you do not return this questionnaire form fully completed within ten (10) days, you are liable to be summoned to report at your expense for completion of the questionnaire at this office.

You Have Been Summoned

  1. Jurors have two (2) options of obtaining their individual reporting instructions.
    • Telephone system: 815.727.8930 or 888.505.8938. Our phone system will require you to enter your 6 digit identification number using the touch tone key pad on your telephone.
    • Website: www.willcountyijuror.com, requires your 6 digit identification number, your electronic signature number (this information can be found on your Summons for Jury Service) and your date of birth. 

  2. Direct all questions to the Jury Commission regarding your juror service, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on business days.  To best serve you, due to high call volume, our office suggests that you call regarding general information Tuesday through Friday.

  3. Emergency: When reporting for Jury Duty, for emergencies you may be reached at 1.815.727.8612 or 8613.

  4. Security: You will be required to pass through a Magnetometer.  All items carried will need to go through an X-ray machine. The following items are prohibited in the Courthouse: audio recorders, cameras, camera phones, chemical sprays, firearms, laptops with audio or video capability, ipods etc., knives, large scissors, metal belts, video recorders and work tools. Due to security regulations you will be asked to return to your vehicle any item which could be used as a potential weapon.

The Court can only pay or give credit for the days that you are actually at the Courthouse.  On all days when your attendance is not required, you should resume your normal work schedule (work, etc.)

The number of hours will vary each day you are here.  If not serving on a trial, you will be asked to report between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. and will be excused for lunch at approximately 12:00 noon. Occasionally, the Court may order you to appear in the afternoon.  You will be dismissed for the day after all Court orders have been filled. This normally will be 4:00 p.m. and usually earlier.  If you are serving on a trial, your arrival, lunch, breaks and departure times will be set by the trial judge.

There are may types of restaurants within easy walking distance from the Courthouse.  The Courthouse does have vending machines located on the 1st floor.

You will be paid approximately ten (10) working days after the completion of the term. If you are sitting on an extended trial, you will receive your checks at one week intervals. If proof of service is required by your employer you may ask the Jury Commission for documentation stating actual days of service.Jurors are not permitted to witness any trials in session while on jury service. Once you have completed your jury service term you may visit any courtroom you choose at any time.

Jury duty in Will County is for one week or length of trial.  (Jurors must call in everyday at 12 noon and after 4:30 p.m. for the length of your Jury Service)